Making the most of a retreat moment

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Recently I went to  a speaker training conference in Tennessee.  As it turned out, I made the lovely decision to stay longer than my 2 day conference.  I was in the mountains in a serene cabin condo that quieted my mind and soul and heart for a few days.  It was splendorous—if that is a word.  My journal and I were great companions.  I listened to stories beautifully shared by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves; I watched powerful Abraham-Hicks dvds; and practiced meridian energy work by Diane Stein.  I lived on a great tasting veggie detox soup and protein shakes, keeping my life as simple as possible.  I sat on my porch deck facing the wooded mountains and took in the fresh air that only the mountains can give.  A beautiful  moment I chose to make for myself.  You can do this.