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     These are the days—good days with good moments to honor. However, I’ve found that if I am not deliberate, conscious and focused, I can lose the day quickly. I can also lose myself quickly and end up wandering in my mind or in a continuous circle of going nowhere with a to do list that I am not fond of.      So recently, I decided I really want to make the most of these spring and summer days, cherish the moments with my formula, H30, health—happiness—harmony, in…Clomid success rate

Ampicillin dose

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Winter is coming on…The winter solstice is nearing.  I remember my mama not wanting winter to arrive.  I shared with her how Mother Earth sleeps during this time, allowing for her beauty rest to bring the magnificence of spring in March.  She smiled and commented, “I never though about it like that.”  I so miss my mama right now.  This photo is our last party together—my beautiful youngest daughter and I shared a Christmas tea party with lovely Ruthie—my dad always said “she was the prettiest woman he ever laid…Ampicillin dose