Walking the Wise Woman Way

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Sometimes, when I need a moment… when my life seems a whirlwind… when my thoughts are running together… when the smallest detour derails my focus…when a grand chaotic moment pulls the rug from beneath me, I find that,  if I just remember, if I stay conscious—I can walk the labyrinth, where the vibrational energy is so high and so calming… then answers flow…I begin to breathe and rediscover my sense of balance emotionally, mentally, physically and, of course, spiritually.  I come home to my wise womansoul…that feels so good.  I know Her deeply.  She is so patient with my wanderings and my ‘lost’ moments…

It’s so simple really—-walking in where the ‘stuff’ of life falls away….arriving at the center, the Rose, where I wait and listen to the whispers, allowing the beauty of the Divine Feminine to hold the space for me while I  remember who I am and why I am here…taking that gift back out to the world, strong and courageous wise womansoul….

Grace finds me…thank goodness!

walk of the wise woman