a ‘wonder’ moment

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Wow…the day after our family Easter wondermomentevent —so much fun and love and laughter and sharing and eating good food and playing with grand babies and grand puppies…and this time an Easter egg hunt, the first for the youngest almost two…She was trying to figure out what all the excitement was about, why the eggs, why they were hiding, and why should she want to find them.  Then she ‘got it’!  So precious…that ‘wonder’ moment!

Have you ever held an event where there was so much high energy and excitement — then when it was over—total surreal, so quiet…that’s how it was for me last evening!  Time came and went so quickly.  A whirlwind of love…then a breath so faint…a few tears for the great moments and goodbyes we shared.

Tonight I gave myself a ‘wonder’ moment of retreat…from all the past week of  Easter prep and readiness with house and food, making my list and checking it twice, or more–and losing the list a couple times.  Time to take a breath…time out…time for a lovely warm soak in the bath, just to take in the weekend as  I miss my babies tonight…so the best way for me to give myself compassionate self-care is this little moment of retreat.

This ‘wonder’ moment of retreat puts me in a deep place of gratitude and joy for my life.  It honors me as a mama and a grandmommie.  It honors my mama and my grandmothers. I am so blessed to have their wisdom passed down to me.  I know they were with us in spirit yesterday.  I could feel their love…and I wouldn’t be surprised that they were having a ‘wonder’ moment themselves!  Hmmmm, I wonder…