Broken Open

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Sometimes there are years where the growing pains may be almost unbearable. This past year has been one for me. A few months ago I “accidentally” dropped my lovely rose quartz heart. It broke into the three pieces you see here. At first I was so devastated for I felt it represented my broken heart.
I retreated to my sacred space that comforts me when I need a moment out of time…          I sat…I listened…I heard…
A whisper came, “Precious child, your heart has been broken open to release the hurts, the sorrows and sadness from the past years of lessons and experiences. Breathe now into the spaces for your expanded heart is radiating a much grander Love. Now you have breathing room.”

So I took a breath and then another and then another….of gratitude and abundance and peace.

my heart...broken open

It remains on my writing desk as a reminder.