Reflections II

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I am just now reflecting on my holidays…most of the month of December I had the flu that wanted to hang out with me for quite a while.  I did not get my tree up until right before Christmas…highly unusual.  But it was what it was.  For Christmas Day, I felt fine.  Many family and friends for Christmas lunch…grandbabies and grand puppies everywhere.  By 5 pm that evening, everyone was gone, or down for a holiday nap.  I had gone ahead and cleaned up the holiday dishes and left overs.  I walked back into the living area and felt I needed to build a fire in the fireplace.  There was a hush…so very quiet and still.  I felt it deep to the core of me—a ‘lightness’ surrounded me.  I lit candles, took off my shoes, pulled up my quilt around me as I settled into my comfy sofa.  I was at that place of deep gratitude that all was well in that moment.  It was a beautiful feeling of awe and humility as if Grace had just spread Her lovely wings over me and whispered, “Merry Christmas, dear One.  You have done well.  Rest now.”  And, so I did…not without appreciating the fire, the holly cut that morning along with the magnolia, pine and spruce for the mantel…and such love for my family.  A very nice nap slid in.  If anyone had passed    by me, I am certain they would have found me asleep smiling.  For it had been some time since I felt the magnificence of such a moment.

quiet and calm night