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Reflections II

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I am just now reflecting on my holidays…most of the month of December I had the flu that wanted to hang out with me for quite a while.  I did not get my tree up until right before Christmas…highly unusual.  But it was what it was.  For Christmas Day, I felt fine.  Many family and friends for Christmas lunch…grandbabies and grand puppies everywhere.  By 5 pm that evening, everyone was gone, or down for a holiday nap.  I had gone ahead and cleaned up the holiday dishes and left overs….read more


Reflections I

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I was looking through my iphone photos recently and came across this lovely photo.  Here is the story behind the photo.  We as Wise Women have our stories that are important for reflection: As a Wise WomanSoul, I am quite often alert to coincidences and synchronicities in my life now.  They remind me of the magical grand picture of life & living; and that there is much more to our moments & our days than meets the physical eye. I had been out running errands.  Autumn had set in here…read more