And Quietness comes…

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     These are the days—good days with good moments to honor. However, I’ve found that if I St. Thomas and retreatam not deliberate, conscious and focused, I can lose the day quickly. I can also lose myself quickly and end up wandering in my mind or in a continuous circle of going nowhere with a to do list that I am not fond of.
     So recently, I decided I really want to make the most of these spring and summer days, cherish the moments with my formula, H30, health—happiness—harmony, in my life. Of course for me that looks like ‘retreat’. What I have noticed since I made that recent query, I am intentionally deliberate, conscious and focused. It works.
     And, with that intention I move into a secret place where Quietness abides. According to A Course in Miracles, ‘in the quietness is where all things are answered and all problems resolved.”
     And that’s where I want to be. But getting there sometimes is a process. I may have to pay bills, vacuum my carpet, do laundry, go for a walk, take a shower…..I will be able to tell when I am ready….a calm energy seeps into my presence. The outside world is no longer in front of me and my thousand and one thoughts have slipped away. I may sit amidst my tiny flower garden,  a favorite park picnic table of a quiet beach moment in St. Thomas. I may read a passage of meditation. I may just recline on my comfortable sofa. I trust the moment.
     Once I arrive, I find I really don’t have to ask a question about anything of concern as Spirit already knows. The beauty of that wisdom brings a sweetness to my soul. I breathe into the moment, however many that may be throughout the day.
     I allow the ears of my heart to listen in the stillness. I really don’t have to work at it. It just happens. And the Quietness owns my sacred space. There is an energy there that moves in a mystical manner, releasing old thoughts as if cleaning out a drawer and rearranging and making room for new thoughts of directions and guidance.
     Sometimes the answers are immediate; sometimes I will have  already moved on to another moment in my day….and the answer appears, always loving and gentle and compassionate…sometimes with a little laugh.
     Quietness, you see, has a special way about Her….and She always has a gift for me. I love that! I am so grateful.  The beautiful book, The Feminine Face of God,  has this to share:  “Once you make a conscious choice to act on what you do know, the process of spiritual maturing begins.”  I believe that to be so with every breath of my being….