Reflections I

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I was looking through my iphone photos recently and came across this lovely photo.  Here is the story behind the photo.  We as Wise Women have our stories that are important for reflection:

As a Wise WomanSoul, I am quite often alert to coincidences and synchronicities in my life now.  They remind me of the magical grand picture of life & living; and that there is much more to our moments & our days than meets the physical eye.

I had been out running errands.  Autumn had set in here at my Kentucky home.  Although it was gorgeous—the amazing palette of fall colors—I was feeling somewhat wistful at giving up my summer, my bare feet, my retreat swing near the springhouse and the warm breezes that seem to connect me to my Self and to Mother Earth.

I pulled up to where I now park, underneath a grand pine tree and between two Japanese red maples.  As I exited from my car, I was taken back by what I saw….all the beautiful deep red leaves of the maples had deposited themselves at my feet like a red carpet, inviting me just one more time to come to the swing at the bottom of the path and just ‘be’ for a little while.  I could feel ‘smiling’ as if Mother Earth was saying, ‘It’s not over yet. Come spend some time with Me…take a walk on this beautiful red carpet I have prepared especially for you.’red carpet 3

And, so I did.  I took the photo as a memory keeper for how Life speaks to us if we choose to be aware, to notice and to listen to the whispers.

Wise Woman, you can do this as synchronicity is etched deep into the essence of who you be.  Take the Walk of the Wise Woman with me.  You can do this.