Wise Woman Essence


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I surprise myself nowadays that I have come so far in my years and have experienced so many life changes…I guess I have made it to those wise woman years….I was there before I realized I was one.  I think I didn’t really want the role yet; but after my mom-in-law passed, and then the passing of my own mama so soon after almost to the day, I realized I was supposed to step up to the plate…big shoes to fill…was I ready…I had no choice…I have daughters and grandbabies. …read more



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Sometimes what we want, a great retreat out somewhere, just isn’t in the cards. Sometimes we have no choice but to retreat right where we are.  Sometimes just closing our eyes, breathing gently with our hands on our heart, will take us to a quiet place to remember ….how loved we really are, no matter what. Know this, dear wise woman.  A retreat moment, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, sets you right with the world, brings your power back, and starts your music flowing once more….read more


Making the most of a retreat moment

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Recently I went to  a speaker training conference in Tennessee.  As it turned out, I made the lovely decision to stay longer than my 2 day conference.  I was in the mountains in a serene cabin condo that quieted my mind and soul and heart for a few days.  It was splendorous—if that is a word.  My journal and I were great companions.  I listened to stories beautifully shared by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves; I watched powerful Abraham-Hicks dvds; and practiced meridian energy…read more